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Boulder general safety

  • Report to reception on each visit before you climb.

  • You must exercise care, common sense and self preservation at all times.

  • Report any problems with the walls, equipment or other climbers' behaviour to a member of staff immediately.

  • Be aware of the other climbers around you and how your actions will affect them.

  • Do not distract people while they are climbing.

Conditions of Use

  1. All users over the age of 18 must fill in a registration form before climbing

  2. Under 18's must be supervised closely by a registered adult at all times. Exception being given to "green card" over 14's

  3. No outdoor shoes to be worn whilst bouldering

  4. No drinks or food in climbing area.


  • Always climb within your capabilities and descend by down climbing, jumping or, at the very least, a controlled fall.

  • Never climb directly above or below another climber.

  • Don't sit or stand under the wall when people are bouldering.

  • Problems finish on the last obvious hold. DO NOT grab or touch the top of the wall, or any girders, metalwork or lights.

  • Don't boulder with hardware hanging on your clothes or chalk bag.

  • Keep the mat free of objects and obstructions like bags, clothing, chalk bags, brushes, shoes etc. No food or drink on the mats.


If you're above 14 but under 18, you can also become a junior member of Birmingham Bouldering Centre but first you must pass a Under 18 climbing assessment. Children under 14 can climb at The Birmingham Bouldering Centre ONLY under the supervision of either an instructor or a supervising adult who MUST be a registered member. 

Under 18s




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