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Coaching With Jake Bromley

Whether you are brand new to the sport or have reached a plateau. Our team member Jake would be more than happy to help you along the way!

With over 10 years bouldering experience behind him, Jake has competed in both the American bouldering series and the British bouldering championships over the course of his climbing career! If you have any questions or would like to get started, feel free to contact the wall or message him directly @jb_climbing for more information.


New Yellows

Are monthly comp style circuit is back, grades for all ability's, but this time we focused mostly on the 6b to 6c range .. Grades 6b to 7c over all.


New Oranges

Come brighten up the week with a vibrant new orange set... 6c to 7a

orange 13.jpg


New Pinks

No more to say.... 6b+ to 6c+



New Purples

Intermediate set has seen a fresh reset, come and hone your skills on the usual mix of styles  6a to 6b+


New Blues

New blue set up, pretty butch so bring a extra bag of power 7a to 7c


New Whites

Come get involved and wiggle your way up the new white set, Grades 6c+ to 7a+



Pink remix

Back at it with a brand new remix of the pinks. Bit of burl, some tech and a few downright weird one's. grades 6b to 6c+



Yellow comp set up

Brand new comp set up. Once again a bit of everything for everyone, grades 6a+ to 7c. Catch you soon!



Butch Blues

Butch new blue set up ready to rock. Jake and Stevie are back at it bringing a mix bag of styles. Come give them a run.



Rad Reset

Rad set of reds from Jake and Stevie, grades 6b to 6c



Purple Reset

Come get stuck in, grades 6a to 6b+



Orange set

Embracing the warm vibes with a vibrant new orange set. A little stiff this round (sorry) Grades 6c+ to 7b+ 



Shoe sale

Five ten anasazi vcs, womens vcs, Hi Angle, anasazi pros, womens pro's, Pinks,  Asym, Asym womens, Kirigarmi £65

Limited sizes available as they are end of the line. Grab them why you can!



No Set this week

We will be having a rest from setting this week. head setter Stevie Toft will be sneaking a way for a little time on the rock, hopefully come back with some fresh ideas.

(Old pic from Albarracin) 



White is right

White set is good to go. Lot's of crimpers for small hold lovers. No quirk, straight up moves. Grades 6c to 7a+

white 24.09.20.jpg


Pinkie Power

Everyone's favourite circuit has been reset. Grades 6b+ to 6c+ 
mixed bag of styles as always.. Bring some stiff shoes for the slabs, they are out to test your technical ability this time.

june16 pink.jpg


New Garments

Sweatshirts and tee's have landed, Gold and teal tee's. Black and grey sweatshirts. S to Xl available.

Grab one why you can, they don't stick around for long. 

t jumper.jpg


Yellows No Longer 7a to 7c

New yellow set up! This time they are sitting at 6a+ to 7b. Thought it would be a for nice change and to bring them in as a comp style set. A Bit of everything for everyone!



New Blues

20+ new blues up, swing by and give them a run. Be sure to bring an extra set of guns.

may23 blue.jpg


New Reds

Fresh new red set up in the centre, grades 6b to 6c

ap20 red.jpg


Lockdown 3.0 comes to an end

We are happy to once again be opening our doors on the 12th April 21. It has been a long haul and we are super happy to welcome you back to the centre.

Opening hours are as normal, 
Weekdays 12pm-10pm
Weekends 11am-6pm

No booking is required but we ask all customers to follow the current government guidance whilst using the centre.

All the best and happy climbing.



Due to lockdown 3.0

we have once again had to close our doors until further notice.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support. 

Standing Orders will still be processed by your bank, if you continue to pay your monthly membership it will be added to your account and can be spent in the shop or on goods.

If you would like to cancel your standing order please do this via your online banking  or local branch (We have no power to freeze or cancel a S/O). If you have made a payment and was unaware on how it works email us and we will let you know what to do.

All the best,
BBC Team


Re-opening Saturday July 25th at 11am...

normal operating hours will then apply.

The 3 Major points to take on board!

1. Under no circumstances must you attend the centre if you have any symptoms of COVID-19

2. Social distance at all times according to government guidelines

3. Good hand hygiene at all times. There are sanitiser stations throughout the centre)

Initially we will not operate a booking system as a calculated capacity of 40 should not present
any problems. Obviously this will be under review.       Only come to climb if you are already
registered or are able to register to climb without needing supervision.  We ask you to respect a
distanced queuing system on entering the centre. Changing and storage facilities will be reduced
so please wherever possible bring in only climbing equipment that you will need. Respectfully
we ask for your session to be kept under 3 hours.

room 2 logo's.jpg

News looking a little depleted?

Due to a current change of format on our Wix site we are unable to edit our old news feed. For any old post or info please follow the link below.